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  • Free & Paid plans, we grow with your business
  • Manage mail with online control panel
  • P.O.Box in European offshore location
  • 1 month guarantee for paid service
  • Receive unlimited mail - for free
  • Discard unwanted mail
  • Shred unwanted letters
  • Ship your mail any time on your request
  • Envelope scans
  • Receive small letters or larger packages
  • Ship only selected item list
  • A wide range of shipping rates available
  • Envelope serial numbers for verification
We streamline our operation to the limits to bring you a free subscription plan. Sign up and receive your mail forwarding address instantly, for free and with no monthly rates. You only pay when you ship your post on demand. Perfect for small or new businesses on a tight budget. When you decide to ship your mail you only pay the shipping fee. We openly publish a complete list of shipping fees here. You can also view and compare our free plan here. To sign up for free click here.
A sophisticated yet very easy to use online postal management system. View the details of the envelopes you receive as they are delivered to us. From your control panel you have access to an array of functions designed for simplicity and ease of use. Track and verify your shipments, discard or shred envelopes. Just minutes away from shipping your mail to your home location. For a preview of the control panel sign up for your free account here.
Setup and registration of your account is instant and hassle free. No need to submit any additional documentation. To pay for your shipping fee you will need a credit card or a Paypal account.
Each envelope you receive is marked by a serial number. We use these serialnumbers to keep track of your envelopes and to ensure quality of service. After you receive your shipment you will be able to double check your envelopes using the online management system.
Available to you is a wide number of shipping options. Whether it is budget surface mail, air express or a shipment with a tracking number, we deliver. We currently offer a selection of 7 shipping types. So whatever flavor of shipping you prefer can be found. For a complete list of ship types please visit our fees page here.
Advanced features are offered in our paid plans, where you will find reduced ship on demand fees, free monthly ships, discounted annual payment plans and premium functionality such as envelope scans and multiple forwarding addresses per account. To compare plans please check our compare page here.
  We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on your paid subscription   We accept payment by PayPal   We accept payment with all major credit cards

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